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The Ideal Beef Evaluation encompasses the genetic consulting services of Jorgensen Land & Cattle and our proprietary genetic evaluation developed in cooperation with Zoetis.
The Ideal Beef Evaluation is backed by over 150,000 phenotypic observations and incorporates more than 10,000 HD50K tested animals.

Ideal Beef Evaluation℠ is a jointly held Service Mark of Jorgensen Land & Cattle and Zoetis.
© Copyright 2020 Jorgensen Land & Cattle.

The Ideal Beef Evaluation Can Work for You

Making the smart genetic decision doesn’t have to be complicated.

In the past year, we have consulted with over 3,000 cattlemen on genetic decisions for their cow herd – decisions powered by the Ideal Beef Evaluation  or IBE.

Jorgensen Land & Cattle is the leader in analyzing beef cattle performance data and incorporating it into genetics decisions to help build better cow herds and calf crops. We have been helping commercial cattlemen toward that end for over 60 years, and we enjoy celebrating their success.

Let’s put the power of the IBE to work for you.

How to put the Ideal Beef Evaluation to Work for You & Your Herd

Let’s Talk

Tell us about your herd, how you run your cows and how & when you market your calves

We’ll Help Confirm Your Goals & Chart a Plan

Once we understand where you are and where you want your herd to be, we can match the genetics to move you toward your goals

The Right Bulls for Your Goals

Different Sire Lines offer different genetic contributions.  The data and analysis behind the IBE allows us to better predict genetic merit and match the right bulls to meet your needs.