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The Hassle-Free Answer to Breeding Season


More Bulls.
More Experience.
More Support.

That’s why we offer hassle-free answers to breeding season and minimize your risk.

When you lease or buy a bull from Jorgensen Land & Cattle, you can have full confidence you’re choosing the best of everything, including bulls with superior genetics and support from a team with over 60 years’ experience, all from the largest seller of bulls in the U.S. as documented by BEEF Magazine in their Seedstock 100 List

Everything We Offer

Angus Genetics

We are the largest provider of Angus genetics in the country, and our cattle breeding stock is backed by the Jorgensen breeding program with over 60 years of performance behind every one.

Land Operations

We produce feed for our livestock herd, dedicate around 800 acres a year solely to wildlife habitat, and raise and sell both registered and certified seed to provide you with a genetically pure source for your crops. And, we do all of this with a focus on improving soil health throughout our entire production system. r

Pheasant Hunting

We host all-inclusive, three-day hunts across 10,000+ acres of prime pheasant hunting land.

Check out our recent feature in Beef Magazine

Check out our recent feature in BEEF Magazine

This article focuses on our breeding program, game-changing Angus bull leasing program, the advantages of our SmartBulls® , our proprietary genetic evaluation known as the Ideal Beef Evaluation.  We are always looking for better ways to serve American cattlemen and improve the Beef industry.

2021 BEEF Seedstock 100

For the past 7 years BEEF Magazine has assembled the Annual Seedstock 100 list.  Once again, for the 7th straight year, Jorgensen Land & Cattle is documented as America’s #1 Choice for Bulls.  Thank you, America, for trusting our breeding program, our people, and our bulls when you select sires for your herd.  We appreciate your confidence in our program.

Imagine Breeding Season with Less Stress

Breeding a bull that’s ready to work is critical for producing good calves and staying profitable.

Tired of caring for bulls after breeding season is over? Let us lease you the bulls you need and then take them off your hands when you’re done. You save cash up front and get more time after breeding season is over!

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No hidden fees around here. We'll get your bull to you and back again at no extra cost.

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If a bull is injured during your lease, we'll furnish you a replacement bull for free. It's that simple.

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Pick your own bulls or let our experienced team pick for you. Either way, we always follow a strict health protocol to ensure you're getting a healthy bull with superior genetics who's ready to breed cows.

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2023 Top Cut Bull Sale

Monday, April 17, 2023

  • 175 Registered Angus bulls for selection from seven generations of selective breeding.
  • Select from bulls from the Eldorado, Rito, Emulous, Traveler, and Emulation sire lines.
  • Timeless Angus genetics from Jorgensen Land & Cattle, America’s #1 source for bulls.