Ideal Beef Genetics

Power in Partnership
Ideal Beef Genetics (IBG) combines industry leading genetics and technology to empower cattlemen to unlock the potential in their herds.



The Ideal Beef Evaluation powered buy Zoetis delivers Genomic Enhanced Estimated Breeding Differences (GEPDs) for 15 traits to help identify your best replacement females.


With industry leading herd management, data analytics, and genetic visualizations, AgBoost makes genetic decision making simple and herd management easy.


As the nations largest seedstock producer, Jorgensen Land & Cattle has an unmatched selection of AI and Herd Sires to ensure the bulls you use meet the needs of your herd.

Ideal Beef Genetics

Power in Genomics

The Science of Selection
With GEPDs from the Ideal Beef Evaluation, selecting replacement females becomes a science, not an art. Using 15 different traits, and custom indexes that combine and simplify them, phenotype and pedigree are no longer the only tools at your disposal to guide the future of your herd.

Prove your Pedigree
Genotyping your herd with IBG allows parentage verification so you know where your herd comes from. All Herd and AI sires available from Jorgensen Land and Cattle are genotyped and available for sire match, and all of your genotyped females will match with their progeny.

Jorgensen Land & Cattle

Power in Analytics

Visualize Your Results
Enrolling your cattle in the IBG service gives you access to AgBoost, a revolutionary technology that turns confusing genomic results into easy to understand visualizations. This allows you to cut through the clutter and focus on your herds future.

Matings Made Easy
Females enrolled in IBG are eligible for breeding suggestions powered by industry leading analytics. You pick your desired breeding outcomes, and your females will be analyzed next to Jorgensen Land and Cattles 5000+ Herd and AI sire battery, ensuring the bulls you turn out are the best for your herds future.

Jorgensen Land & Cattle
Jorgensen Land & Cattle Genuine Angus Bulls

Genuine Angus Bulls

Angus in Their Genes, not just on Paper

All Jorgensen Angus Bulls are genomically confirmed through breed composition testing and have EPDs powered by the Ideal Beef Evaluation. With breed comp markers from a database of over 1.3 million animals, and more than 200,000 individual performance records, you can trust the performance of every genuine Angus Bull from Jorgensen Land & Cattle.

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Getting started is easy:



TSU’s and Collectors are available at no charge upon request



We handle ordering tests, shipping samples, and delivery of results



Evaluation results are loaded into your AgBoost profile, so you are sure to have the most up to date and accurate GEPDs at your disposal



Use your herds genomics to pick the best females to keep



We work with you to determine the breeding outcomes best for you herd, and pick the bulls that best meet those needs

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