Bull Leasing

We’re the largest seller of bulls in the US, but you don’t have to buy a bull to experience the benefits of our herd’s superior genetics. Our leasing program is the risk-free, hassle-free answer to getting your cows and heifers bred.


Why You Should Lease a Jorgensen Bull

Turning-out a healthy, properly conditioned, sound bull is critical to a successful breeding season.

If you own bulls, you need to start preparing them about 30 to 60 days before turn-out; make sure they aren’t too thin or too fat, that they are sound, and get the vet to do a BSE test on them. Or, you could have us do all of that and deliver your bulls to a location near you — ready to go to work, right off the trailer. And, we’ll even furnish a replacement bull at no extra cost if one of our bulls is injured during breeding season.

How to Lease the Bulls You Need

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We Clarify Your Needs & Develop a Plan

We'll go over all the options and guide you to the best bulls to fit your needs.

Cow Breed


Lease a bull with superior genetics to maximize your profits and reduce your risk.

Superior Genetics

Our line-breeding program dates back to the 1950s, when Martin Jorgensen, Jr. adopted the pioneering beef cattle performance breeding concepts of the late Dr. Jay Lush (Iowa State University). Today, the Jorgensen herd has grown into one of the best line-bred Angus herds in the U.S. We have consistently practiced performance measurement and rigid selection for reproduction, rapid growth, feed conversion, and carcass merit. Generations of consistent selection is how you make genetic progress and using bulls selected for feed conversion allows you to run more cows on the same number of acres, putting more money in your pocket.