Land Operations

Over the past 100 years, we’ve grown from a family homestead to an operation known nationwide for its superior Angus herd, excellent certified seed, being a leader in soil health, and prime pheasant hunting. But don’t let our 12,000 acres fool you. We’re proud to remain a family operation rooted in a tradition of excellence and innovation.


We operate over 12,000 acres of non-irrigated, no-till crop ground in the Ideal, SD area.

A 100% no-till operation since the early 1990s, we place a strong emphasis on soil health and sustainability throughout our entire production system.

Jorgensen Land & Cattle
Jorgensen Land & Cattle


We use a variety of proven techniques and technologies to improve soil health, conserve our land, and produce certified seed year after year. For example, we lower production costs and greatly improve soil health by maintaining a diverse rotation with as many as 12 different crops. We also plant cover crop in available acres during the off growing season, which is then grazed by our bull herd.

All of our equipment is equipped with cutting-edge precision agriculture technology, so we can maximize efficiency and collect and analyze production data in near-real time. We also dedicate around 800 acres a year solely to wildlife habitat and maintain 350,000 bushels of grain storage to ensure quick harvest time truck turn-around.


Our Typical Crop Includes:

Acres of Corn
Acres of Winter Wheat
Acres of Forages
Acres of Wildlife Habitat
Acres of Oats
Acres of Spring Wheat
Acres of Soybeans

Certified Seeds

Protect your crop and your profits with certified seed. All our seeds are certified to meet the standard levels of high genetic purity set by the South Dakota Crop Improvement Association. All our seed is cleaned and certified to meet all standards of the South Dakota Crop Improvement Association.

South Dakota State University Small Grain Trail Results

For over 20 years, Jorgensen Land & Cattle has been a cooperator with SDSU Extension for their annual small grain variety trials. These trials provide us high-quality, localized information on any current and new-release small grain varieties released by both SDSU and private companies.

Jorgensen Land & Cattle


At Jorgensen Land & Cattle, we’re committed to preserving and improving the land, soil, and other resources for future generations. We use proven conservation practices, including no-till, crop rotation, cover crops, and cattle grazing. This ensures we can continue to provide you with superior cattle genetics, certified seed, and all-inclusive pheasant hunts for many years to come.

The Leopold Conservation Award recognizes outstanding voluntary conservation by private landowners. Watch this short feature to see why Jorgensen Land & Cattle received this prestigious award in 2015.

Save Money When You Conserve

Not only does practicing conservation benefit future generations, but it also benefits your bottom line. In this 5-part video series from the National Resource Conservation Service, you’ll see why soil conservation saves us money — and how it can do the same for you.

Jorgensen Land and Cattle is a charter member of the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition.

The SDSHC was created to promote the 5 principles of soil health:

Jorgensen Land & Cattle