Land Operations

Jorgensen Land & Cattle operates over 12,000 acres of non-irrigated, no-till crop ground in the Ideal, SD area. A 100% no-till operation since the early 1990’s, we take pride in being stewards of our land. We place a strong emphasis on soil health and sustainability throughout our entire production system. To reach these goals, we
have developed a very diverse rotation with as many as 12 different crops which lowers production costs and greatly improves soil health.

We strive to stay on the cutting edge of precision agriculture technology. All of our equipment is equipped with GPS, autosteer, and section control. These technologies maximize our efficiency, and allow us to collect and analyze our crop production data in near real time.

Many of our acres are dedicated to producing feed for our livestock herd. We also dedicate around 800 acres a year solely to wildlife habitat. In addition to growing feedstuffs and forages, we raise registered and certified winter wheat, spring wheat, and oats seed. All of our seeds are cleaned and certified to meet all standards of the South Dakota Improvement Association.

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  • Our typical crop plan consists of:
    • ~2500 acres of Corn
    • ~2500 acres of Winter Wheat
    • ~2500 acres of Forages (Cane, Milo, Peas & Oats, Alfalfa)
    • ~800 acres of wildlife habitat (Mix of Cane, Milo, and Millet)
    • ~500 acres of Oats
    • ~500 acres of Spring Wheat
    • ~500 acres of Soybeans
  • We also harvest around 1500 acres of grass hay forage annually
  • We raise and market around 50000 bushels of registered and certified winter wheat, spring wheat, and oats seed a year
  • To maintain a biologically active soil profile, we plant cover crop on available acres during the off growing season periods, which is then grazed by our bull herd
  • We have 350,000 bushels of grain storage on the operation to ensure quick harvest time truck turn-around
  • We offer custom combining, air-seeding, planting, and forage harvesting
  • SDSU has maintained CPT plots on our operation since the early 1990’s

For more information about our seed pricing and availability, or more information about our crop production system, please contact:

Bryan Jorgensen
[email protected]

Nick Jorgensen
[email protected]