Available Angus Bulls

For bulls to make our available list, they:

  • Must be present at Jorgensen Land & Cattle facilities
  • Passed their most recent BSE and Trich Test
  • Have no physical issues that would negatively effect their breeding soundness
  • Not been specifically selected for use by a customer or Jorgensen Land & Cattle
  • No downpayment has been recieved

How we classify bulls

  • Young Bulls
    • Less than 18 months of age
  • Mature Bulls
    • Greater than 18 months of age
  • Heifer Bulls
    • Less than an 82 pound actual birth weight
  • Cow Bulls
    • Greater than an 82 pound actual birth weight

Additional selection criteria is available on request

The statistics available above are representative of the average of all available bulls in that class (Mature Heifer Bulls, etc)

All bulls are genomically tested through the Ideal Beef Evaluation, and the EPD’s provided are the average of all bulls available in that class

Actual and Adjusted weights are made available, although weaning and yearling weight data may not be complete on Young Bulls until March

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Since 2015, Jorgensen Land & Cattle has topped BEEF Magazines Seedstock 100 List. With over 3,750 bulls marketed on an annual basis, no one has a larger selection of bulls to choose from.

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Every bull that comes from Jorgensen Land & Cattle is backed by over 60 years of sound breeding, so you know you are getting bulls bred for the long haul

Learn more about our Angus Genetics here

All bulls marketed by Jorgensen Land & Cattle are genomically tested through the Ideal Beef Evaluation. A joint effort with Zoetis, backed by their HD50K test, the Ideal Beef Evaluation verifies the performance of every bull marketed by Jorgensen Land & Cattle. With this ground-breaking tool, you can be certain that the bulls you get will perform the way you expect.

All bulls available from Jorgensen Land & Cattle are

  • Tested for Breeding Soundness
  • Trich tested
  • BVD tested
  • Fed a high roughage diet, so you know they won’t melt at work
  • Kept on a strict vaccination protocol