Breeding Program


The Purpose of breeding program

Our breeding-program was designed to create breeding stock that would help commercial cattlemen build better cow herds and produce better calf crops.

That’s the reason we started our herd, and ultimately, from our viewpoint, that’s the purpose of registered beef cattle breeders.

Balanced Trait Selection

Anyone who has been around the cattle industry has seen the wrecks that happen when people begin to chase fads and practice single-trait selection.

The industry chased hip height; first, they chased it to belt-buckle cattle, then they chased it until judges in show rings couldn’t see over the tops of cattle. Neither improved the industry. We have seen people chase all kinds of traits & with the advent of EPDs, people began to chase numbers—up & then down. The latest fad in the Angus breed is to chase the $B number, but people are beginning to recognize that chasing $B creates Terminal cattle & can wreck a cow herd.

We never chased the fads, whether in the Show Ring or the Numbers Games. We have spent 60+ years building performance cow herds. We handled the Frame issue by insisting that each cow calves each year; if she can do that, we figure that she is the right size for her.

We invite you to come for a visit and see our cow herd. See what our 60+ years of a consistent breeding program & disciplined selection has created & might be able to help you and your cow herd.

Our Breeding Program

Cow Breed

Reproductive Efficiency and Building Better Cow Herd

Every cow must have a calf every year and we place selection pressure on traits that impact the cows ability to be a long-lived, productive member of the herd.

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Rapid Growth to Yearling

We want fast growth to Yearling, but we don’t want cattle to get too big; we prefer for the growth curve to flatten after Yearling. If continue to grow for too long, then the calves tend finish too late, and the females become cows with higher maintenance costs & tend to not breed back.

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Produce a Desirable Carcass

We want our bulls to have genetics for Marbling, however we know that most commercial cattlemen retain a portion of their heifers to become cows. Most cattlemen have a hard time dividing their herd for Terminal sires versus Balanced-trait Sires so we want our bulls to have balance of genetics. We want Jorgensen bulls to sire calves that reach Choice or CAB grade, yet still offer our customers the opportunity to retain their heifers & for those heifers to make productive, long-lived cows.



It is important that the Growth we select for is Efficient Growth. We know that feed isn’t cheap, so over 20-years ago we began to select for Feed Efficiency in our cattle. By selecting for Feed Efficient sires from those exhibiting Growth on a forage based ration, we select for cattle that have the capacity to perform on forage — in the lot or on pasture.