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Martin Jorgensen, Jr. began performance testing in the late 1950s, and his line breeding program is one of the most line-bred Angus herds in the United States to this day. The Jorgensens were among the early adopters of the livestock breeding concepts pioneered by Dr. Jay Lush, who is considered to be the father of the science of animal breeding. 


Bull Leasing

Our leasing program is the risk-free, hassle-free answer to getting your cows and heifers bred.


SmartBulls® are the smart answer to breeding more cows with fewer bulls. SmartBulls® offer high-quality genetics at an affordable cost per cow bred.

Motherlode™ Cow Herd

Our cow herd is renowned for its high-quality breeding stock, which has led to us being one of the most sought-after suppliers of such animals.

Breeding Programs / Sire Lines

Our breeding-program was designed to create breeding stock that would help commercial cattlemen build better cow herds and produce better calf crops.

Ideal Beef Genetics

Ideal Beef Genetics combines industry leading genetics and technology to empower cattlemen to unlock the potential in their herds.