Skylandmere 2058: The Bull That Built the Launching Pad

Skylandmere 2058

Skylandmere 2058 was born in April 1958, in Perryton, TX.  He was the result of crossing two lines of Angus cattle; his sire was linebred to Eileenmere 85 and his dam was linebred to Earl Marshall through Proud Cap K.  

Martin Jorgensen bought Skylandmere 2058 and began to use him via Artificial Insemination in the Jorgensen herd in 1963, and what a difference he made.  The first year’s results were great on the Skylandmere 2058 calves; so great, that he was bred to every cow in 1964. He was the first Certified Meat Sire (CMS) used in the Jorgensen breeding program and he sired calves with average weaning weights of 507 lbs. (Adj. 205-d) … in the mid-1960s.  Compared to 90 other bulls in the national progeny test, his calves weighed 54 lbs. greater at weaning and gained an extra 46 lbs. more in the feedlot phase.  

In addition, his calves had Marbling & Ribeye.  In 1968, 12 of his steer calves (randomly-mated, crossbred calves), were slaughtered & graded as part of an American Angus Association’s Carcass Evaluation Program.  Those 12 steer calves had an average Ribeye area of 13.33 square inches and graded Choice (CAB in today’s grading). And, their Ribeye per Hundredweight (liveweight) ratio was 1.25 inches per 100 lbs; a very favorable ratio today, but truly impressive for a bull born in 1958. 

Skylandmere 2058 did more than add extra weight to his calf crops, he built a cow herd for the Jorgensen brothers.  The Skylandmere 2058 daughters served as the launching pad when mated to Rito N Bar and R R Rito 707. Today, a deep pedigree search of Jorgensen bred cattle will often reveal Skylandmere 2058 being in the pedigree more times than any other sire because of the reproductive record and performance of his daughters.  The influence of Skylandmere 2058 is deeply imbedded in the pedigrees of two of the most popular and influential Angus sires in recent history: Resource & Renown. Skylandmere 2058 can be found 73-times in the pedigrees of S A V Resource 1441 and SAV Renown 3439, and through-out every current Jorgensen sire and female.

NameBornTimes in PeidgreeSkylandmere 2058 Influence
“Rito 149”19701Dam by Skylandmere 2058
“Rito 72”19711Dam by Skylandmere 2058
“Band 234”19721Maternal Granddam by Skylandmere 2058
“Rito 206”19732Dam & Maternal Granddam by Skylandmere 2058
“Band 174”19743Granddam, 1 Great-Granddam, One Great-great-Granddam by 2058
“Rito 36”19753Paternal Granddam and 2 Great-Granddams by Skylandmere 2058
“Super X”19808Sire traces 5-times and Dam traces 3-times to Skylandmere 2058
Eldorado 15619817Traces 3-times through his Sire & 4-times through his Dam
Super X 5189198518Sire traces 53-times
SAV Resource201173Traces 53-times through his Sire; traces 20-times through his Dam