Ideal 4223 of 1168 Blkbrd

Ideal 4223 of 1168 Blkbrd

The top selling bull of his calf crop at $23,000, Ideal 4223 posted individual
ratios of BW 77, Weaning 114, Yearling 114, and Gain 114. In the words of Ron VanDyke: “This line bred Jorgensen bull is doing exactly what we had hoped. He is the most consistent heifer bull we have ever used, we had 300 heifers calve to him and only had to assist on three. This is a bull to keep your eye on as an outcross calving sire. We like this bull better every year, and his daughters look like they are going to be good cows.”

Registration Number:

AAA 17960531 Bull






Jorgensen Land & Cattle


Jorgensen Land & Cattle, M R Angus (WY), Wheeler Mountain Ranch (MT)