Ideal 7275 of 5V3 1431

Ideal 7275 of 5V3 1431

We talk a lot about Stacked Performance Genetics, because we have seen the benefits & we truly believe in stacking those great sire AND those great cows. The dam of Ideal 7275 was a pathfinder cow that produced Progeny Ratios of BW 99, WW 107, YW 105. What is most notable is that she is the
8th consecutive generations of cows in her maternal line where not one cow in that line has a Progeny WW-ratio less than 100, nor a Progeny YW-ratio of less than 103. His maternal line traces directly back to the dam of “Rito 149.” His daughters are the keeping kind!

Registration Number:

AAA 15822064 Bull






Jorgensen Land & Cattle


Jorgensen Land & Cattle, Currant Creek Angus Ranch (MT)