Ideal Encore of 9524 Lady

Ideal Encore of 9524 Lady

The all-time Top Yearling Weight sire ever produced at Jorgensen land & Cattle. “Encore” was the Co-Top Selling Bull of his calf crop at $35,000. His individual AHIR ratios were incredible: BW 94, WW 123, YW, 125, and ADG 128. His calves are born easily and then express tremendous growth; they have earned him progeny ratios of BW 97, WW 102, YW 103 and those were earned against contemporary sires such as Renown & Resource. Encore daughters have been calving since 2019 and make nice, broody, productive cows. We like Encore for his gentle disposition, his calving ease, growth, and his daughters. We like him to the point that we have bred 200 cows to him – each of the past two years! His EPDs rank as follows: Top 10% CED, Top 10% BW (80% accuracy), Top 20% YW, Top 3% CEM, Top 30% Milk, Top 25% CW, Top 35% Marb, Top 25% $B.

Registration Number:

AAA 18243464 Bull






Jorgensen Land & Cattle


Jorgensen Land & Cattle, Jason Bartles (SD), Myles Ulmer (SD), Clay & Jennie Fenenga (SD), Brad & Tara Fenenga (SD), Tennessee Valley Angus (TN)