S A V Resource 1441

S A V Resource 1441

S A V Resource 1441 has known tremendous popularity because he passes along tremendous power, growth, and disposition. In fact, he may be the greatest “Rito-bred bull” born in this century.

“Resource” was sired by the Jorgensen bred bull known as “Rito 7075” (Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075) who was out of the tremendous Jorgensen-bred donor cow known as Ideal 3407 (Ideal 3407 of 1418 076). “Resource” traces to 112 different Jorgensen-bred or Jorgensen-owned ancestors. Thanks to A.I. and our line-breeding program, these Jorgensen ancestors make-up 583 of the building blocks that form the foundation of S A V Resource 3439.

Registration Number:

AAA 17016597 Bull






Schaffs Angus Valley (ND)


Schaffs Angus Valley (ND), Buford Ranches LLC (OK), Classic Angus Ranch (ND)