Good Friday Lessons

To the disciples, friends, and family of Jesus – nothing seemed “Good” about the day Jesus was killed.   He was killed during what was supposed to be a time of celebration, the Passover.  He had promised that He was the Messiah, the One that had come to save His people … yet He had been brutally beaten and hanged on a cross like a common criminal.

It was a dark day for everyone;  literally the day turned dark for three hours.  To those that loved and followed Him, their world had been turned upside down; they were confused, disheartened, and afraid.  His disciples, friends, & family hid in their homes.  They were afraid to go outside.  Because of Passover, they couldn’t give His body a proper preparation for burial.

In this time of darkness, confusion, and fear, it was difficult for them to remember what Jesus had told them – that He would Rise on the 3rd day.

This Friday holds a special significance for us; it is a day of Hope and Faith, in and of itself.  But in these times, it is especially important to remember that this is Good Friday.   We are going through our own time of confusion, turmoil, and danger, but we have the fortune to know that the stone was rolled back and that He came out of the grave to assure us that as long as we have Faith in Him – we can be sure that He will always be with us and we will always be with Him.  Even if we can’t gather to celebrate Easter, this weekend, we can & should still celebrate His resurrection and His promise to us.

Please be careful, limit your distances, & wash your hands but always have Hope and know that He is with you.

Happy Good Friday!

April 10, 2020