Our 1st Ever Virtual Bull Sale
We are Agriculture. We don’t shutdown; we use our common sense, adapt and make it happen. You have cows to breed, calf crops to produce, and families to support – So let’s have a bull sale!
Jorgensen Land & Cattle will hold our 48th Annual Production Sale on Monday, April 20, 2020 – 1PM Central Time, but we are doing something no one ever thought would happen … we’re asking customers to stay away. Crazy times, aren’t they? This year, we won’t be able to have our big gathering on Sunday night, we won’t be able to see all our friends & customers on Sunday or Monday, and we won’t be able to shake your hand. We will really miss that, but we will adapt & survive this, together.
Fortunately, we have worked with people & taken bids by phone for decades. Last year, we initiated broadcasting videos of our bulls and offering real-time bidding through DVAuction. On the Thursday prior to the 2019 sale, we received an 18-in blizzard. Because of that blizzard, some our customers were not able to attend the sale, but we sold about 15% of our bulls via DVAuction. That sale served as “practice” for this year and allowed us to be confident that We’ll Bring the Sale to You, either by DVAuction or by phone.
We’ll Bring the Sale to You by DVAuction
On Page 43 of our 2020 Bull Sale Catalog (lower right corner), you will find a 3-step process for Watching & Bidding On-Line through DVAuction.
For those of you that haven’t participated in a DVAuction sale, it is a pretty good 2nd alternative to attending in-person. Getting set-up is a 2-step process that is outlined on Page 43 of the catalog and on our website https://jorgensenfarms.com/top-100-bull-sale/ . (Just be sure to start the 1st step by at-least 48 hours ahead of the sale and apply for bidding at least 24-hours ahead of the sale.) You can access the videos of all the bulls through our website, as well. On sale day, just click to bid or use the Proxy Bidding option to set maximum bids on the lots you want to buy.
If you have any questions about getting set-up with DVAuction, give us a call and we will walk through the process with you. Just give us a call at 1-800-548-BULL (2855).
We’ll Bring the Sale to You by Phone
We can arrange to have one of the Sale Staff handle your bids for you or be on the phone with you. We encourage you to visit with us ahead of time so that we can match you with one of the staff, get a bidder number set-up, and prepare a game plan for you.
Have a question or want to see the bulls ahead of time, in-person?
If you would like to view the bulls prior to the sale or want to talk about a bull or bulls, just give us a call at 1-800-548-BULL (2855) to set-up an appointment.
Check-out our website or give us a call
Be sure to visit our website to see videos of all the bulls, view the catalog, details on DVAuction, updated EPDs, & genomic scores: https://jorgensenfarms.com/top-100-bull-sale/
Above all, be careful and let us know if we can help!
Monday, April 20, 2020 at 1PM Top 100 Bull Sale
the Jorgensen Land & Cattle 1st Ever Virtual Bull Sale
Our 48th Annual Production Sale
Join us by DVAuction www.dvauction.com or by Phone (No in-person attendance – please)